Thursday, January 29, 2009

On The Word God: A Commentary

On The Word God: A Commentary Somewhere it is written that “When one researches the word God, he will find that the word god comes from the Greek language.” Emphatically No. When one researches, and does not let the 10% teach them, they know this to be a lie. Who teaches the poor lies? Do the Knowledge: The word God is not derived from the acronym Gumar, Oz, and Dubar. The origin of that belief is a plagiarism of the teachings of the Ansars [Nuwabians]. Mental incompetents masquerading as “All Wise and All-Knowing” teachers of Righteousness are stealing teachings from a Muslim Religious community! Imagine that. That’s why we, the progressive 5% say that they are priests, trying to create a religion. Gumar does not mean wisdom in Greek. The word for wisdom in Greek is Sophia, or as in the word philosophy (philo-love sophos-wisdom). Philosophy means “love of wisdom.” The word for God is Theo in Greek, as in the word theology (theo-god, ology-study of). Theology means “study of god.” The English word for God is derived from the old English word for “good,” which in turn is derived from the Anglo, Saxon, Norman, and Jute Tribes that came from Germanic roots. Since the true 5% do not accept the teachings of the 10% on face value alone, and does his research, it becomes evident, when shown and proven, that the origins of the word God in English Language is not Gumar, Oz , and Dubar. Don’t let the priest teach you lies. We don’t need another religion. Prince Allah Cuba (reprinted from The Universal Truth Vol.1 No. 1)

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